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Welcome to the website of the Somerville Road Runners, Somerville Massachusetts' oldest running club. Bordering Boston and Cambridge, we're a motley crew that works hard, but doesn't let that get in the way of having a good time. SRR is a charitable, non-profit organization that sponsors many events a year including weekly runs, track workouts, annual races and even competitive but delicious cook-offs! Our club welcomes new members of all abilities. Read on to find out what we've been up to lately.

SRR Annual Wintah Challenge Fun Run

SRR Annual Wintah Challenge Fun Run

When: Saturday, January 10, 2015 @ 11:00AM
Where: Casey's Tavern, 173 Broadway, East Somerville MA
The Run: Your beloved Thursday night 4.06 mile course boasting sprawling urban vistas and precision popsicle-stick timing. Entry Fee: FREE!!!

COSTUMES: Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged. We're stopping just short of requiring them for reasons unknown. If you can't bring yourself to wear a costume, please wear winter colors... blue, white, snowflake kind of stuff. There will be awards for best winter-themed costumes.

New Registration Process! To help us expedite and enhance the awards process, please pre-register using the Google form linked here. Upon arrival at Casey's we will ask you to check-in at our registration desk to sign the waiver and pick up your 'number.' You'll see what we mean.

Post Race: FREE!!! Enjoy breakfast and a complementary beverage at Casey's. Bring a change of clothes and plan to stay for a while!

Awards: Exciting and random as always! See the registration form for some hints of what's to come.

If you don't plan to run, but still want to be part of the madness, please volunteer. We will need one or two assistants at the finish line and two sweepers. Please contact Julie Holt to help out.

The 31st Annual Mill Cities Relay

When: Sunday December 7th @ 8AM
Where: Starts in Nashua NH, finishes in Lawrence MA

Time to get geared up for the Mill Cities Relay! This is one of the best events that SRR takes part in, and it's one of the few chances we have each year to truly compete as a club. In other words, we will form teams for each division and the combined results for all of those teams will compete to be the overall club champion of the relay. We have finished second three years in a row, and will look to finally break through this year. So if you've participated in the past, and know how much fun this race is, then please help us with the recruiting effort and get others to sign-up.

SRR has submitted 20 teams and a hundred runners to the relay this year. Please click here for a list of all teams and team captains. Please contact the person listed as your captain if you'd like to trade legs, or have a suggestion for a different team name, or want to coordinate transportation.

Because we enter so many runners in this event, volunteers are a CRUCIAL element to the success of the relay. Please indicate if you can volunteer - every relay team should be volunteering at some point during the event.

For even more info on this event please visit the Mill Cities Relay website or you can Like It on facebook. Please let us know if you have any questions:
-- Brian Cullinan
-- Brendan Kearney

Weekly Track Workout
 Tuesday, December 16, 7:00 PM Tufts Indoor Track

Distance Track (for those racing longer races or who just aren't looking for intensity now)

Cruise Intervals - 1600 meter restp at THRESHOLD with 1 minute rests. 

  • 0 - 40 miles per week: 3
  • 41 - 50 mpw: 4
  • 51 - 60 mpw: 5
  • 61+ mpw: 6.

Try to stay right at chart pace.  If you feel that is too easy, then at the end, add on another 1600 but do this one as fast as you can go.


Speed Track (for those racing shorter races, indoor track, etc)

Groups A, B

  • 1 x 1600 at THRESHOLD (200 jog)
  • 2 x 800 at INTERVAL (400 jog)
  • 4 x 600 at REPEAT (400 jog)
  • 4 x 200 at REPEAT (200 jog)

Groups C, D

  • 1 x 1600 at THRESHOLD (200 jog)
  • 2 x 800 at INTERVAL (400 jog)
  • 2 x 400 at REPEAT (400 jog)
  • 4 x 200 at REPEAT (200 jog)

Groups E, F

  • 1 x 1600 at THRESHOLD (200 jog)
  • 4 x 600 at INTERVAL (400 jog)
  • 6 x 200 at REPEAT (200 jog)



You will need to be on the track door list to get into the facility. 


How do I get on the door list?

If you wish to attend indoor track, I must have your name on the door list that I submit to the Tufts security every Tuesday.  This can happen in one of two ways

  1. (PREFERRED METHOD) You join SRR and pay for track.  -- then you will be on the list automatically.  Please do not wait until the first practice to do this.  Do it at least a few days before
  2. You send me an email NO LATER THAN MONDAY to let me know you are coming.  Again, do not email me on Tuesday afternoon and expect to get on the list.  This option is for people who are trying out track or who just neglected to sign up in time.  This is not meant to be something you do every week.


Am I paid up for track?

If you joined and paid for indoor track (or for all-year track) for 2014, then you are all set.  Did you come to an indoor practice in Jan/Feb/Mar? -- then you' probably did

 Likewise, if you buy/renew an SRR membership for NEXT year (2015) and you pay for track for that year, your track privileges will also be good for the final two months of THIS year (2014).  In other words, if you aren't sure if you've paid for track this year, just pay for next year and you'll be all set


Where do I sign up for SRR membership/track?

Here:  2015 SRR Membership/Track signup



Upcoming Group Long Runs

Upcoming Group Long Runs

Sunday 8/10 --
Run with ocean views, followed by a pool party
78 Corning Street, Beverly MA

Sunday 8/17 --

See Group Long Runs for details.

Ultras:  Do you have the mojo?

SRR Race Results

Congratulations to Shaun Miller who recently conquered the Vermont 50 Miler shattering a personal best by over half an hour on a challenging course.

This is just the latest in a growing SRR Ultra movement that has been going for a while but really seems to have gained momentum this year. Just a cursory scan of this years results shows:

  • 100 Milers: Shaun, Adena Schutzberg, Dave Souza, Brian Tinger
  • 50 Milers: Shaun, Scott Dedeo Alex White, Tinger, Adena
  • 50K: Scott, Diona Fulton, Jesse Morrow, Ray Charbonneau, Cesar Hernandez Lou Duval Alison Lackey, Jerome Lang
  • SRRs Around-the-Lake Ultra: Dave Hodges, Randy Strauch Alex White, Barbara Grandberg Jerome Lang tackle SRRs

Want to join them and give an ultra a try? You can start small and local and see how goes. You have a golden opportunity this November 10 at the USATF-NE Ultra champsionships with the RI 6 Hour Race in Warwick.

Left: This medal is not given. It is earned