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Welcome to the website of the Somerville Road Runners, Somerville Massachusetts' oldest running club. Bordering Boston and Cambridge, we're a motley crew that works hard, but doesn't let that get in the way of having a good time. SRR is a charitable, non-profit organization that sponsors many events a year including weekly runs, track workouts, annual races and even competitive but delicious cook-offs! Our club welcomes new members of all abilities. Read on to find out what we've been up to lately.

Next Race: Playworks 5K

Where: Franklin Park, Boston MA

When: May 21 @ 10:30am

• Race #1 - Dec 6 - Mill Cities Relay (all participants receive 5 points)   Results

• Race #2 - Feb 7 @ 12pm - Super 5K, Lowell MA     Results
• Race #3 - Mar 6 @ 9:30am - An Ras Mor, Cambridge MA     Results
• Race #4 - May 21 @ 10:30am - Playworks 5K, Franklin Park, Boston MA   Register online
• Race #5 - Jun 5 @ 9:30am - Freedom Run, Cambridge MA   Register online
• Race #6 - June TBD @ 8am - 26x1 Club Challenge Relay, Tufts University, Somerville MA   Registration coming soon

Weekly Track Workout

 Tuesday, May 24 - 7:00 PM.  Tufts Outdoor Track:

Packard Ave Hill Workout

We will meet at the track for announcements and then jog over to Packard Ave to do hill repeats.  A repeat will be either a "half" hill (from Powderhouse Blvd up to Professor's Row at the tennis courts) or a "full" hill (all the way to the cross walk at the very top of the hill.  Your recovery from each hill rep is the easy jog down the hill (on the sidewalk, please.  You will each do 2 sets of hills.  In between sets, you may take an additional 2 minutes rest at the bottom of the hill.

People doing up to 40 miles per week do 2 sets of the following

  • 2 x half hill

  • 2 x full hill


Those doing 40-60 miles per week, do 2 sets of the following

  • 1 x half hill

  • 3 x full hill


Those doing over 60 miles per week, do 2 sets of the following:

  • 2 x half hill
  • 3 x full hill
SRR Race Results - 26x1

SRR Race Results

The 2015 SRR 26x1 Club Challenge Relay was another huge success this year, with SRR fielding two full teams and one, combined Greater Lowell/SRR team. Check out the club results

Left: Sierra will not be bound by your rules (Photo by Thomas Cole)

An Ras Mor 5K

SRR Annual Event: An Ras Mor 5K

When: Sunday March 6 @ 9:30am
Where: The Asgard Pub, 350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA (map)

Thank you for joining us!