UPDATE: (November 28) We are pleased to announce 83% of the SRR Winter Grand Prix Race Series Schedule:

  • Race 1 - Yulefest 5K, Cambridge MA (Dec 11th)
  • Race 2 - Dreamfar 10K, Sharon MA (Jan 22)
  • Race 3 - Super 5K, Lowell MA or Super Sunday 5K, Cambridge MA (Feb 5)
  • Race 4 - Black Cat 20 Mile Allie Relay, Salem MA (March 11)
  • Race 5 - TBD
  • Race 6 - SRR 26x1 Relay, Somerville MA (End of June)

If anybody needs a ride to Sharon or Salem please e-mail Tom and he will be happy to coordinate.

Scoring - This year we have also made some changes to the scoring system. In short, the winner of each race will now receive 100 points. The number of points awarded to other runners will now depend on their time as well as their place. For a detailed description click here to see our Google doc outlining the revised scoring system

Tom Breider and Tom Bok



  1. December:
    12/11 @ 9:30am - Yulefest 5K, Cambridge MA
    WebsiteOnline registration

  2. January:
    1/22 @ 9am - Dreamfar 10K, Sharon MA
    WebsiteOnline registration

  3. February: (pick one!)
    3/5 @ 12pm - Super 5K, Lowell MA
    WebsiteOnline registration
    3/5 @ 10:12am - Super Sunday 5K, Cambridge MA
    WebsiteOnline registration (5K only)

  4. March:
    3/11 @ 8am - Black Cat 20 Mile Allie Relay, Salem MA
    WebsiteOnline registration (relay only)

  5. Spring:
    Date & Time TBD - Details To Come
    Website • Online registration

  6. June:
    TBD @ 8am - 26x1 Club Challenge Relay, Tufts University, Somerville MA
    Website • Registration coming soon

Questions? Please e-mail us directly.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!